elite program

The application period will run from November 1, 2022 to February 1, 2023.

For any other questions regarding the elite program, contact us at: athlete@ultratrailcanada.com

Offered by QMT according to the level of your application

  • Free bib for the distance of your choice or;
  • 50% discount on the cost of your registration.

Important notes:

  • Athletes wishing to secure their bib must register before it is sold out.  If you are selected, a refund will be issued.
  • We will only communicate with selected athletes.
  • The number of bibs is limited.


  • Your three best results on a trail race in the last two years (2021 – 2022);
  • Number of finishers of your results;
  • Your ITRA performance index.

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A seasoned and accomplished runner, Antoine has completed nearly 80 ultras, counts numerous victories, including one of his 15 participations in the Grand Raid de la Réunion, four in the Transmartinique, as well as a 2015 World Tour ultra trail champion title. He has also participated in the Tor des Géants, the Marathon des Sables, the Cami de Cavalls (Minorca Island), among other events. Antoine shares his daily life with his family between France and Greece, where he and his wife are olive farmers. Fueled by the desire to discover Quebec by immersing himself in its nature, he will participate in the QMT 160 km event. Ultra running is an integral part of his life, stimulating the search for balance in all respects. He expresses that the rapid evolution of the discipline tends towards both professionalism and sanitization, while leaving room for popular and sometimes committed races. As long as this choice exists, I can see myself continuing to explore the trails and returning to those I love.


Kelsey won the 2022 QMT 100-mile race and has a long list of victories and experiences to her credit. Last year, she tackled the Diagonale des Fous, the 20 km of the Mactaquac Trail Race (first woman) and the 50 km at the Rompin’ Rockwood (also first woman). Passionate about her sport as well as her desire to help people and organizations, she pursues her studies and keeps following the paths of performance as well as discovery. She particularly appreciates being immersed in nature and the perspective of pushing herself, motivated to explore the range of possibilities. In her eyes, the important thing is to dare to delve into the very thing that drives us and to fuel our enthusiasm. Her optimism shines through when you meet her and she says that her inspiration comes from her first experience in trail running: “My first ever trail race was the 2016 Herring Run 10 km in New Brunswick, and I distinctly remember the feeling of community that set the tone for the rest of my journey as a trail runner. I felt so warmly welcomed to this sport, from the kindness of Race Directors Bryan and Sadie to the way that runners lifted each other up. I won my first pair of trail shoes at that race, but the biggest prize of all was feeling like I’d found a home among friends”. She will be doing us the honor of taking part, again, in the QMT 160 this year.


She considers herself as an Ultra Mountainer, passionate and in love with wide open spaces. Exchanges, encounters and sharing feed a passion that has evolved over the years for the woman from Font-Romeu, in the Eastern Pyrenees. Indeed, from the discipline of figure skating, through an operation on both legs, Vanessa has evolved towards the mountains – and in parallel into racing – with an enthusiasm that continues to grow. This year she placed first woman in the Raramuris Ultra Run in Mexico and last year she also set an FKT on Kilimanjaro, completing the Mweka route and back in 11 hours 33 minutes after three successive attempts! Her motivation for participating in the QMT-100 miles ;discovery, adventure! the beauty of your landscapes and a kid’s dream of discovering Quebec.


Based in Camrose, Alberta, Daylan became familiar with running in 2015, after graduating from university, as a way to give his health a boost. One thing led to another and he completed a few marathons, then signed up for a 100 km event as he discovered his passion for ultra running. He has spent the last six years working to improve his speed and endurance.

He has completed the BC Backyard in 30 hours (sixth place), the Iron Horse Ultra 100 milers in 17:41 (first place and course record) and the Moose Mountain 50 km in 4:32 (first place and course record as well). Last April, he undertook and completed a 160 km run to support the Ukrainian people by collecting donations that were given to the Red Cross: « I ran four marathons in four cities in Alberta. These cities have an important Ukrainian heritage. As someone of Ukrainian heritage, the war has been difficult to watch. Right away I wanted to do something to try and help in some way. Naturally running was a part of the brainstorming for me.  » (KISS 91.7 Edmonton)

By participating in the QMT, he plans to take advantage of the technicality and difficulty for which the course is known and enjoy the competition.



Pavel has extensive experience as an adventurer, runner, and trailblazer. He has undertaken, completed and won many extreme races, including the Spine Race, a race along the 268-mile Pennine Way, England’s oldest and most challenging national trail, not once, but three times! He was crowned OCR Expedition World Champion and placed second in the Spartan World Champs 24h ultra. Always on the move, Pavel continues to explore the world and train hard while developing his business, FollowMe tracking, focused on mobile and satellite GPS tracking of athletes in the most remote areas (real-time tracking).  He will be joining us in 2023 to take part in the QMT 160.  Last September, the Drakensberg Grand Traverse saw him and his teammate, Nikolay Nachev, come in second place when they crossed the finish line in 76 hours and 36 minutes. He shares:

There were many lessons I learned during my running career. Some of them I learned the hard way. One of them is not to make projections to the future and get distracted by that. Focus on the present moment or very near future. Example – you have a low point, and the finish is still 80 km away and you start to think « in this situation I will never make it to the finish line ». No, you would not – in this situation. But this situation does not need to last forever. You always have some low point, and sometimes you get there quite quickly. But you can get out equally quickly. Focus on the present, focus on feeling better – eat, drink, put on proper clothing and focus on getting to the closest CP or TA. You will get eventually better.

Another one is that I am not afraid of DNF or not making it. I don’t mean quitting. But when I go for an FKT, traverse or race stacked field, I try to set the goals on the edge of my abilities. I am not afraid not to make it, provided I give it all. If you always make it, you are probably not setting the targets on the edge of your capabilities, but a bit lower. If you are on the edge, you sometime get over the edge. Starting Barkley marathons, going for a hard FKT or climbing a new route to a mountain are obvious examples”.


A resident of Canmore, Nichole is an avid nature lover and challenge seeker. She has discovered and now practices trail running with great enthusiasm. With the help of renowned ultramarathoner Ellie Greenwood in her preparation, she looks back on the past year with satisfaction and feels ready to take on new challenges, including the QMT 160. Her first 100 miles race, the Whistler Alpine Meadows (BC), earned her a third place finish in the women’s race. She also completed the Sinister Seven (AB) 80km finishing 11th woman and in 2021, the Black Spur Ultra (BC), where she placed fifth. She hopes to discover the trails of Quebec at full throttle with those who will be part of the adventure!


Based out of Rhode Island in New England (USA), Cole is an experienced athlete who has been training to run and performs in races with distances over 100 miles since 2020. In 2021, he ran across New Jersey, setting a state record of 44 hours, 42 minutes, and 21 seconds, which allowed him to successfully break out into the world of ultra distance challenges and events. Recently (October), he completed the Tesla Hertz, a 253 km course, in 31 hours and 27 minutes, setting a course record. He is as much driven by speed as by long distance and is looking forward to new opportunities to challenge himself regarding his ambitions. Participating in the QMT 160 km is an opportunity for him to mingle with some of the best athletes in Canada and abroad, to undertake a technical and challenging course.


A 32-year-old athlete, Marc-Antoine discovered his passion for mountain running in the wake of the events that led him to become a parent and to welcome a child with Down Syndrome. He approached this reality as an opportunity not only to surpass himself, but also to promote the cause by making his experience, that of his son and his family, an example to inspire others. His sporting challenges are thus marked by the seal of his commitment.

He has completed the Bromont Ultra 160 in second place (2021), run the Bromont-New York route (690 km) in seven days and completed the Bromont Ultra 55 five times in five days.



Matthieu is educational advisor at the Centre de Services scolaires de Montréal and is evolving in the field of running surrounded by five of his treasures: his wife and their four children. In 2022, he offered two performances: a first place at Bromont Ultra 160 km and a fourth place at the 113 km of the Ultra Trail des Chic Chocs. Distances + has praised his journey on several occasions, as he grew up with running in many different contexts during his teenage years. Among other experiences, it delivers the story of the day, in 2021, when he completed the tour of the Island of Montreal in 10 hours, 53 minutes and 28 seconds, 24 minutes behind the time set by Matthieu Blanchard in 2020. Running seems to have become an essential asset in the path of the man who guides people daily. He is one of those who see running as an art and it is through this medium that he expresses his passion for the outdoors, for nature and for physical activity. Finally, the sporting challenge that the QMT 100 miles represents is, in his eyes, a great opportunity to self-improvement, and also conducive to living a human experience of mutual aid on the trails.

QMT 110


Ailsa lives in Cochrane, British Columbia. She is an accomplished triathlete and ultramarathoner, competing successfully at home and abroad. Having completed thisyear’s Western States Endurance Run (2022) in 17 hours, 46 minutes, and 45 seconds, finishing second female, the Sinister 7, 160km (2021), in 18 hours, 19 minutes and 43 seconds as well as the Whiskey Basin, 91km, in 8 hours, 54 minutes and 12 seconds, first overall, Ailsa says she has learned a lot from previous races: “I run my race rather than get caught up in the pressure”. The QMT seems to be a demanding course whose technicality and elevation will be an asset for her preparation for the UTMB 2023. With her experience and the strategies she has developed, she is looking forward to the challenges ahead with determination.



Originally from France, Marvin has always had a passion for nature and sports. So, it was only natural that he fell in love with trail running when he moved to Colorado in 2020. After landing in Montreal and following what he describes as a « long recovery period » from injury, he finally registered for his first race in Quebec, in Mont-Tremblant, in late 2021. In 2022, he put all his energy into his winter preparation to complete his first marathon in Toronto. He did so in 2:40, finishing in third place. He then placed second in the Trans Vallée and won the Bromont Ultra 80. Employed as a financial controller, he admits that his sport discipline allows him to build and maintain a balance while discovering, every day, the gifts brought as a result to all the resources, efforts, motivation, and willpower he devotes to it. Last year’s experience at the Toronto Marathon propelled his approach and allowed him to cultivate confidence in his abilities, in the possibility of achieving his goals, and in new projects. In 2023, his participation in the QMT 110 will demonstrate his commitment and his desire to push his limits once again. He has made this his main objective. « During the race, I am motivated by the desire to surpass myself and to discover my limits. But to achieve this, it is in the community, in sharing with friends and in the time spent in nature that I find the pleasure of training. This balance is essential for me to progress in the long term and to fully develop in our sport.”

QMT 80


Born on Vancouver Island, where she still lives, she particularly enjoys the diversity of sports she has the opportunity to practice. Last year, she joined the Hoka and Xact nutrition team, which allowed her to learn more about the QMT from colleagues here and afar. Inspired by friends, Morgan completed the Cowichan Valley 5 Crown FKT last year, a 68 km, 3000-meter positive elevation gain. Running is not only a source of deep intrinsic motivation, but also a powerful way for her to turn challenges into strengths, to express in motion what is worth sharing. Consistency is an ally, as she says, « slowly but surely, you build yourself up, you can win your race » , a statement she applies as much in training, during her training period, when she shares her passion with colleagues, as in everyday life.


Living in the Quebec City area, Olivier distinguished himself in 2022 by obtaining a first place in the 52 km Trail du Grand Duc, another in the 32 km Trail du Massif du Sud and a second place in the Trail du Parc national du Bic. He has his sights set on the QMT 80 and hopes to set a new course record there. With the knowledge he has gained from the last few races he has participated in, he promises to take on the next challenges with passion, but also with a certain amount of wisdom. In this regard, he testifies to his experience at the Trail du Grand Duc: « I found myself in the lead with over 15 km to go and not a bit of energy left. I put one foot in front of the other like a zombie; I even thought about giving up because I was so exhausted… Then I did a kilometer, and another, and another! I finally managed to keep my first position until the finish line, where I collapsed, unable to take another step. »


Cindy has been running for about ten years. The initial goal was mainly to get away from the daily routine, to build a balance between family life, leisure, and work. In 2019, she discovered trail running and was overwhelmed by the challenge, the love of nature and the sharing between runners. Trail running is now the focus of her sport practice. She also enjoys cycling, cross-country skiing and swimming. Since then, she has been running distances varying between 50 and 60 km. The QMT 80 will be a first in terms of distance record. She says: « I couldn’t choose any other route than the Sentier des Caps because of the beauty of the scenery and the views! We are lucky to have such a variety of landscapes in Quebec. I never get tired of playing outside. » In 2022, she crossed the finish lines of the UTCC 62 km and TransCharlevoix in second place for women, and the Bromont Ultra 55 km in fourth place. She did face a few challenges, including crossing the start line of the Trans Charlevoix 45 minutes behind the other participants (technical glitch), but that didn’t stop her from moving forward and definitely contributed to strengthening her motivation.

QMT 50


Jeffrey is the Assistant Editor of UltraRunning Magazine. He’s also a dog lover, coach, and Salomon athlete with over a decade of experience in endurance sports that lives in California.  He completed the Quad Dipsea (Old Mill Park, Mill Valley, California) in second place in 2022, the Canyons Endurance Runs 25k in first place in 2021, and the Silver State 50-miler in second place, also in 2021.

He is thrilled about his participation in the Quebec Mega Trail:  “I love to travel and explore new places, so having never been to Québec, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the QMT and experience all that the city and surrounding areas have to offer. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the event and can’t wait for next summer.”

Jeffrey not only has a thriving race ranking, but he is also a prolific contributor. In fact, you can follow his journey at @uponward and enjoy the content published on UltraRunning Magazine. Here is an excerpt from Jeffrey’s Bouncing Back article  : “Before a race, we train our hearts out, study the course, prepare our mind, visualize success, taper marvelously, sleep more and eat all the right things. Yet for reasons beyond comprehension, sometimes the day just doesn’t go the way we envisioned. Even when it seems like everything went wrong, there is no doubt many things went right. Celebrate those little things. There is incredible value in having a tough race, arguably more than running a nearly flawless race—the one we all dream of. When you have an exemplary day on the trails, there’s far less to learn. The opportunity for improvement is diminished.”



Now living in the Bronx, New York, David has been running for a long time and still does, no matter what distance, terrain or challenge is thrown at him. A key member of ON’s marketing team, which also sponsors him, he has deepened his interest in and passion for ultra running through his involvement with the US National Trail Team. Running is so deeply ingrained in him that it seems stranger not to run than the other way around. He works to nurture and inspire others in many ways, including his attachment to the Lost Boys, a group of outdoor enthusiasts, challenges, and adventure lovers. He will be on board to experience the QMT 50 this year, following up on his 2022 completion of the Broken Arrow Sky Race (52 km in 5:25) and the Black Canyon Ultras event (60 km in 4:58). His journey has taken him from alligators to buildings to trails in many parts of the world, bringing countless learnings: “When I see something that I’m bad at or it’s more challenging, that’s fun to me. When I was being dropped on 10-mile long runs or when I felt like I was going to throw up al the time in the Florida heat, I felt like that was something I focused on, and it helped me improve a bit and grow.”(Citiusmag)


He practiced, at a professional level, triathlon for over 12 years and is now invested furthermore into running. Jean-Philippe turned to trail running in 2019. He grew up in Baie St-Paul, where training can be particularly demanding regarding the geography of the area. He built his background between trips dedicated to competitions. Today, he is fulfilled in the field of running and has many projects in perspective. He owns two victories at the QMT: the 80 km in 2021 and the 50 km in 2022. Last November, he participated in the World Trail Championships, placing 31st. The lessons learned over the past year will certainly be part of his skill set when he stands on the QMT 50 starting line once again.


A physiotherapist now based in Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships, Laurianne has been running for about ten years. Her philosophy is first and foremost based on pleasure and balance. After experimenting with longer distances between 2017 and 2019, she is now thriving in shorter events. She made her way to a few podiums in 2022, including a second place finish in the Trans-Percé 50 of the Gaspesia 100 (4:55) and a victory in the 42 km classic of the UTHC (4:44).She also earned a second place in the Trail du Bic by completing the 25 km in 2:38.

The QMT 50 is an opportunity for her to return to the region where she grew up as a runner during her studies and to experience the excitement of a major event. Among her tasty anecdotes, which will certainly include the next edition of the QMT, she keeps an imperishable memory of the 50 km of the Five Peaks of Orford: « It’s the last part of my first ultramarathon. The sky suddenly seems to be overcast and I am hoping for a saving shower as I hear fine drops falling on the ground. I continue to walk slowly and to my surprise, I don’t get any rain. The noise that so cleverly recreates the sound of rain is actually caused by caterpillars. Hundreds and hundreds of big black caterpillars. I will finally cross the finish line, exhausted, but extremely proud to have completed my first ever ultramarathon.”



Patrick’s childhood was spent in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, at the family cottage, therefore, Mont-Saint-Anne holds a special place in his heart. Participating in the Quebec Mega Trail is the perfect playground to complete his first 50 km! In 2022, he crossed the finish line of the QMT 25 in third place. He first came to practice running through roads and on the track, accumulating performances such as 14:53 minutes in the 5km and 1 hour 09 minutes in the half marathon. He wishes and plan on delivering a solid performance this year. His involvement in the Quebec track and field circuit is a cornerstone of his practice, as is the work and discipline that led him to break the 15-minute barrier in the 5K, among other achievements. Patrick mentions that physical activity is part of his lifestyle and that he considers it important because it is what makes him happy. « I run to work, and I integrate running into my daily life as much as possible. Group training and the social dimension of the sport are also aspects of the discipline that particularly motivate me. I love sharing running moments, long runs, and hard training with friends. His perseverance and his path are already inspiring many!


Originally from Les Méchins, in the Gaspé Peninsula, Christopher, a young trail runner, has been running outside the box for almost 4 years. He first practiced trail running, as he mentions, in the heart of the « majestic mountains of the Parc de la Gaspésie » and chose to pursue his progression in the Eastern Townships, in Quebec, as well as abroad, having notably taken the trails of the OCC (UTMB): « It was the most striking moment of my young running career. That race opened my eyes to the caliber of runners and made me realize that to truly compete with others, you have to train harder than them and know how to surround yourself with the right people. »

He first practiced road running, then cross-country before diving into mountain running. The Quebec Mega Trail is one of his classics, as much for the technicality and beauty of its trails as for the competitive spirit he finds there. In 2022, he placed second in the QMT-25 and first in the 20 km Trail de la Clinique du coureur. He has chosen to take on the QMT-50 this year with great confidence.


Now living in Colorado, Mark bikes and runs around the place as he builds up his practice. He has accumulated a range of FKTs, short distance races victories, and did great too in trail running races. In 2021, he came 6th at the Pikes Peak Ascent (13.3 miles in 2:33:43) and 5th in the Never Summer 100k (12:32:06). In 2022, he completed the Atlantic City April Fools Half Marathon in 1:10:37. He is looking forward to experiencing the kind of terrain at the source of QMT race courses. “I have had some modest success at shorter distance road and trail races but haven’t put together a complete race in any ultra attempts. For this race, the rugged and humid trails offer a nice change of pace from my now home in Colorado.” He will be racing on the QMT 50 this year as a part of an all-around Canada Tour during the summer.

QMT 25


With a strong background as an athlete from the Rouge et Or de l’Université Laval, Samuel has been involved in trail running for the past few years and is passionate about it. Having dealt with a few challenges, he took the reins of his running career in 2022. As a result, he conquered the UTHC 65km, went for a second place at the UTCC 45km and a win at the Trail du Grand-Duc (50km) in 2021. He is fueled by the unwavering support of the people around him, a community he considers exceptional and by the challenges he has undertaken, completed and those to come, including the QMT 25, a race that is highly symbolic to him.


Based in Montreal since January 2020 and coming from France, she is a road running specialist (16:48 in the 5 km, 35:17 in the 10 km and 01:15:43 in the half marathon). In 2022, she got into trail running and finished first in the 10 km Trail de La Clinique du Coureur (course record for women) and second in the QMT-25 (also setting a new course record). Last August, she undertook and completed the Le Fjord Trail (40km, 2000m d+) for fun: « I had never run beyond the distance of the QMT 25 on the trail, and my long runs on the road did not exceed 20 km. This adventure was quite a challenge for me, but in the end it went very well; I took 7 hours (with 1:30 break) which puts me in the top 10 women’s times. »

She aspires to continue her evolution in road and trail running. She mentions that « the year 2023, promises to be a mix of road/trail, performance/discovery. Among other things, I have in mind to participate in the French trail championships in mid-March, to do the Tour de l’île de Montréal in the fall and to run my first marathon in the fall. » The QMT is an opportunity, in her eyes, to surpass herself in a magnificent setting, surrounded by great people, and to participate in an event whose reputation is well established.


Olympian, passionate runner and resident of St-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Anne-Marie is one of those athletes whose name cannot be forgotten. She has set many records in the annals of Quebec track and field and has participated in numerous national and international competitions, always committed to developing her full potential. She has her sights set on the Olympic marathon and continues to evolve in this direction. Anne-Marie has a lot in store, and she understands her example could inspire many, an idea that she welcomes graciously: “I see it in their eyes. I see it in their social media posts. I’m aware that I can be a ‘role model’, it touches me. » (Excerpt: mtlmarathon.com) Her running accomplishments over the past year and a half includes a win associated with the course record at the QMT 25, 1:13 at the Vancouver Half Marathon and a win at the Simard Color Challenge. In 2023, she will participate again in the QMT 25.


Originally from France, Joey Bellanger returns to the QMT this year after winning the 80 km in 2022. He is a mountain guide (rando-trek-trail) and shares his passion for these spaces through his business, Un km plus loin. Involved in his community, he particularly appreciated the atmosphere and the spirit he felt during last year’s QMT: « After the magnificent experience I had in 2022 when I took part in the QMT 80, I would like to rediscover the sporting and family spirit that marked me so much when I came, » he says. His recent accomplishments also include a third-place finish at the Résistance race (2022), a fourth place finish at the Échappée Belle (85 km, 2021) and a second place finish at the Montagn’hard (55 km, 2021)..