*Please note that application for 2022 are closed.

QMT 25

(Result must have been obtained in the previous year or in the year of the current edition of the QMT.)

Free for a first place finish in a 10 km or longer run (minimum 100 finishers)
50% for a 2nd or 3rd place finish in a 10 km or longer run (minimum 100 finishers).
QMT 50
Free admission for a first position on a 25 k (minimum) trail running race (with a minimum of 50 finishers);
50%  for a 2nd or 3rd position in a trail running race of 25 km or more (minimum 50 finishers).
QMT 80

(The result must have been obtained the previous year or during the year of the current edition of the QMT.)

Free for a first position in a trail running race of 40 km or more (minimum 50 finishers)
50% for a 2nd or 3rd position in a trail running race of 40 km or more (minimum 50 finishers).
QMT 110

(The result must have been obtained the previous year or during the year of the current edition of the QMT.)

Free for a first position in a trail running race accumulating a minimum of 65 points* (minimum 30 finishers)
50% for a 2nd or 3rd position on a trail running race accumulating a minimum of 65 points * (minimum 30 finishers).

(The result must have been obtained the previous year or during the year of the current edition of the QMT.)

Free for a first place finish in a 100 miles trail race (160 km)
Free for a first place finish in a trail running race accumulating a minimum of 85 points* (minimum 30 finishers);
50% for a 2nd or 3rd place finish in a trail running race accumulating a minimum of 85 points* (minimum 30 finishers).


Send your application to:, including:

A picture of you;
The link to your results;
A short biography.
*Scoring system for the QMT 110 and the QMT-100-MILES

1 km = 1 point | 100 meters of D+ = 1 point. For example: 50 km with 1500 m D+ = 50 + 15 = 65 points.

**Spots are limited



*Please note that application for 2022 are closed.



Sangé Sherpa – Népal

Sangé Sherpa, est natif de Taplejung au Népal et demeure en France.  Il s’est illustré en 2021 en remportant le Swiss Peaks Trail – 170 km, 3e au Montreux Trail Festival (110 km), 2e au Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard (112 km) et 5e au Swiss Canyon Trail (115 km).  Il est très heureux de venir une première fois au Canada pour s’attaquer au mythique QMT-100-MILES.

Kelsey Hogan – Canada

Since 2016, I’ve competed in numerous trail running events ranging from 50km to 200 miles (3rd female finisher of the Tahoe 200 in 2019; 1st female finisher and 3rd overall for the Ultra Trail Gaspesia in 2019) and multi-day self-supported stage races (2nd female finisher of the Grand to Grand Ultra in 2017). I love the unique terrain each new event provides, the strength and kindness of fellow trail runners I get to meet, and the challenge of pushing myself to reach new limits.

I have unfinished business on the QMT course: in 2019, I was invited to participate in the 110km race…but just ten days before that I had competed in the Gaspesia 100 mile race, setting a new course record as the first ever female finisher of that course.


Jeff Cauchon – Canada

Depuis que j’ai commencé les ultras en 2014, j’ai comme objectif de motiver la communauté en montrant aux autres qu’en croyant en nous même nous sommes capable de grande chose et j’espère être un modèle de motivation et de persévérance pour toute la communauté. Je tente par le fait même de transmettre ma passion tant bien que mal à travers mes différentes courses sur la planète.

Marc-Antoine Forand – Canada

It isn’t the destination that counts, but the path to get there. Step by step, I teach my children to never put limits on themselves. I believe in an inclusive and fair society for those with Down syndrome. My son Noah is one of those people. Everyday he inspires and motivates me to go further. To adapt my life to make his better. I started running. Just like that, without any pretense. It quickly became a place where answers became clearer, a place of letting go and accepting all that life has to offer. I have been doing ultras for 4 years now with the goal of always surpassing myself in each of my races or challenges.

Anne Champagne – Canada

CanadaGreat 2019 winner and course record holder of the QMT 110. « After the awkward period we went through and a 2021 where I had to prioritize my health, 2022 will be my return to competition and the famous QMT 100 miles will be my goal. »

Ramon Casanovas – Switzerland
 »  I am from Biel, a bilingual city in Switzerland. I have never run in Canada. I want to discover Quebec trails. In America, I finished 4th in the Leadville 100 in 2019. In 2021, I won the Ultra Tour du Grand Raid des Pyrénéens of 220 km.  »

Sandra Lafontaine – Canada

I am a trail runner and an emergency room nurse who loves the QMT courses. I have run the QMT 50km once and completed the QMT 110 twice. I have also run the BU 160 three times, including in 2021 with a 3rd place finish in 33h18 minutes. My main strength is endurance. I can’t wait to tackle the mythical QMT 100 miles!

Sylvie Descoteaux – Canada

I am 52 years old and I love to train. The routine for me is a big turn off. I vary between hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing and running depending on the weather and my mood. I run on adrenaline and endorphins and especially on the bib effect. Whether I arrive in the first, last or middle of the pack, my main goal is the finish line.

Julien Lachance – Canada

QMT 110

Christopher CAMACHETTYIle de la Réunion

Passionate about mountains, it was only natural that I started trail running 10 years ago. Over the years, I realized that it was more comfortable on formats of 100 km and more.  2017: 13th at the Diagonale des Fous 165 km (Reunion) – 2018: 11th Echappée Belle 57 km (France) – 2019: 5th Tchimbé raid 100 km (Martinique) – 2021: 11th Diagonale des Fous 165 km ( Meeting )

Laurie Girard – Canada

My name is Laurie Girard. I now live in Gaspésie, in the Baie-des-Chaleurs, but I am native of Quebec City. I moved here last April because I wanted to be closer to nature and live closer to the mountains. Trail running is part of my lifestyle. I have been running for more than 20 years, but I started official races in 2011. I did 6 marathons and several half marathons, more recreationally than competitively, before moving into ultrarunning more competitively in 2021. Despite a season marked by adaptation to my new region and my new career, I had a great season, with a 4th place in the UTCC 43km, a 3rd place in the UTHC 80km. I was registered for the 80km QMT, but had to put a stop to it due to an injury. At the beginning of the season, I did the Tour de l’Île d’Orléans FKT in self-supported mode, 67k in 6h16.

Gabriel Sanfaçon – Canada

J’ai participé à ma première course en sentiers en 2019 lors du Trans Vallée. Je cherchais de nouveaux défis après plusieurs années en triathlon. J’ai eu un coup de cœur pour ce sport, pour la communauté et pour les valeurs véhiculées. Mon expérience enrichissante sur le QMT 100 miles en 2021 a contribué à faire croître en moi cette passion pour le trail.

Mike Néron – Canada

J’ai débuté les ultras il y a environ quatre ans. Ayant toujours carburé aux défis, j’ai vraiment trouvé LE sport pour me dépasser physiquement et mentalement. L’année dernière j’ai participé au QMT 110, où j’ai terminé 2ième. J‘ai bien hâte de réitérer l’expérience cette année!

QMT 80

Joey Bellanger – France

Cuisinier de métier, il a pris un virage à 180 degrés pour s’orienter vers sa passion. Aujourd’hui c’est toujours avec le sourire et beaucoup de plaisir qu’il partage son amour du trail et de la montagne.  Team trail France.  4e sur L’échappée Belle 2021 – 80 km.

Hans Kristian Smedsrød – Norway

I’m 33 year old Oslo based mountain/ultra/trail runner with a passion for adventure and storytelling.  That’s why I work as a podcaster and enjoy traveling and long efforts in the mountains.  I’ve performed pretty good at really technical sky races and ultras in the 50 mile range, as well as some multi day stage races.  I’ve traveled and raced all over the world, but never in North America, so I’m really stoked to come to Canada and discover the trails around Québec.

Marie-Maud Côté-Rouleau – Canada

I have been doing triathlons for a few years and I am now part of the Rouge & Or Triathlon of Laval University. I love running and I love being in the woods, which logically led me to the world of trail running. In 2021, for my first trail season, I tackled UTCC 43, UTHC 80 and BU 55 and managed to finish second on the women’s podium in all three races. I obviously still have a lot to learn. In 2022, I would like to take on the challenge of the QMT 80 and see where it can take me!

Mélanie Beetz – Canada

Mother runner, I completed my first ultra in 2019 with the surprise of a 3rd place finish at the QMT 50! Since then, I finished 6th and 4th respectively at the 65 km uthc in 2019 and 2020. For 2022, the QMT 80 with its inspiring passage through the beautiful sentier des caps and its technical course, which is one of my strengths, is very appealing to me!

QMT 50

Katheryn Cochrane – Championne en titre – Canada

Originally from Newfoundland, I’m a sport RMT & running coach living in Ottawa, Ontario. I organize weekly trail runs with Ottawa Trail crew in the Ottawa- Gatineau region and coach with M2M Ottawa. I found my stride this year on the trails, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for 2022!

Rachel Spaulding – USA

I am a competitive swimmer turned ultra runner; a person who loves the sport and is eager to grow and develop in it. I currently run for rabbitELITEtrail team. Most people think I « came out of nowhere, » but the truth is I used COVID-19 to work on my strength in the sport and growth as a person. Before running, I swam from age eight all throughout college. I had success in the sport, but it left me with a lot of heart break and frustration. I started getting into ultra running in 2019 and have not turned back since, falling in love with the process and the journey.

Antoine Blais – Canada

Sportsman since I was young, I explored CrossFit and triathlon to finally find my way in trail running. My debut in 2021 allowed me to literally fall in love with the trail community where there is unparalleled sportsmanship. I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for me!

Matisse Brizard – Canada

Martial arts athlete during my childhood, I then decided to develop my endurance skills. I ran 3 years as a university cross-country athlete with the Patriotes of the University of Trois-Rivières and then made my transition to trail running in 2021. I have fallen in love with the discipline as it allows me to combine the competitive and adventure aspects. I am looking forward to running the 50km QMT in 2022.

Éric Lévesque – Canada

Runner and teacher in physical education for 10 years now, I am also part of the organization of the Ultra-trail des Chic-Chocs. The trail is for me the way to discover the territory and to live human experiences with the community of runners.

Jeetesh Rao Lukea – Ile Maurice

I would like to introduce myself, better known as Bhuvish, a simple running lover. I particularly enjoy running in the mountains because it allows me to have fun with my friends, to discover landscapes and to meet people. I like silence and peace. My trail running journey has had its ups and downs, which has allowed me to become stronger and more confident today. I have been running under the Salomon Maurice name for five years now.

Rachel Paquet – Canada
In 2022, I’m going back to racing. Before my pregnancy, I finished on the third step of the podium of Pierra Menta with my good friend Hélène Michaux. I feel on fire for the next season!

Mélodie Gilbert – Canada

I started trail running by chance and simply for fun in the winter of 2020 when the pandemic was in full swing. I found a place where I am free and without limits. My competitive racing background at the university level, in cross-country and track and field , as well as a bit of road racing, was not at all extinguished, so I was eager to get into official trail racing. After a more than satisfactory season in the half marathon trail in 2021, I want to challenge myself even more and give it a try at the 50km QMT for 2022!

Sarah Bergeron-Larouche – Canada

Athlète Salomon et chiropraticienne à la clinique Chiropratique du Mont-Ste-Anne, Sarah sera présente sur le 50km QMT. Demeurant à St-Ferréol-les-Neiges depuis un an, elle connaît bien le parcours et il ne fait pas de doute qu’elle donnera son maximum pour bien représenter sa région.

Robert Brouillette – Canada
I am from Cambridge, Ontario. I am an elite runner with Skechers Performance and would like QMT 50 as my official ultra debut. I feel I would make a great addition to the race because not only would I be going for the win but to also chase the course record.

Théo Corboliou – Canada

I have been racing for two years and progressed a lot. I made 4 podiums in the 4 races I participated in. Nominated at the Gala du trail québécois La Racine d’Or in the young runner category.

Maïka Lamoureux – Canada

I have just finished my first year of trail running and I am looking forward to the 2022 season to put into action what I have learned from this first season! Even though I’m young for the sport (23 years old), I think I’ve made a great entry into trail running for 2021. In short, I’m looking forward to coming back to compete at QMT. As a Salomon athlete, I am very proud to be participating in this race.

David Jeker – Canada

First of all, I am going to QMT again to experience emotions. There is nothing better than a trail race to find yourself alone in front of the elements, alone with your doubts and your dreams. It is in these moments of vulnerability that we can finally feel all the strength and all the life that resides within us. I also dream of a perfect race, a performance that I will be completely satisfied with. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’m going to put my heart into it.

Jeffrey Paul – Canada
I fell in love with running over 20 years ago and this adventure has laid a solid foundation to explore thresholds and personal limits on and off the trails. Since 2019, I’ve become an NCCP coach, at the OCAA level, at Cambrian College. I’m a proud ambassador for Team Running Free. I am methodically putting in some strong training cycles and I feel like my rhythm  is still developing and the best is yet to be seized . I love to race and climb and I’m stoked to test these legs on this beautiful course with others up and around Mont-Sainte-Anne!

QMT 25

Julien Yamba – Canada
Passionné de sports depuis tout jeune, j’ai redécouvert le plein air au Québec; randonnée, ski, escalade, puis ski hors-piste, escalade de glace, course en sentier, alpinisme (…) sont autant de supports avec lesquels j’aime jouer pour me déplacer en nature…et atteindre le sommet de la (ma) montagne intérieure !
À l’automne 2015, avant la naissance de mon fils, j’ai eu un déclic par rapport à ma pratique « loisir », et j’ai décidé de me prendre en main et m’entrainer fort pour atteindre de nouveaux objectifs. Pour résumer, je suis un passionné de montagne qui aime jouer en pleine nature, avec différents moyens de locomotion, selon la saison.