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Waste Free Rules 

In 2008, when it was still frequent to see participants throwing their wrapping paper or gels on the trails during a race, we introduced our intention to put an end to this practice to the general regulations. The rules clearly state:

« No littering will be tolerated under penalty of disqualification ».

Since then, many organizations and events went on with this policy and made sure to apply this rule.

Trail clean-up

At the beginning of each season, we contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of over 200 km of trails. Among others, we collaborate in the cleaning of the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix, the Mestachibo trail, as well as the maintenance of the trails of Mont-Sainte-Anne.

Greenhouse gas compensation

We are all affected by climate change in one way or another and every action counts. To further our implication, we do business with the Carbone Boréal organization, which carries out tree planting work led by the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). The funds contribute directly to the advancement of knowledge on climate change.



Souvenir Glass


The souvenir of a participation in a sporting event has long been associated with a medal. It was important for QMT to eliminate the production of this single-use souvenir that ends, quite often, in the trash.
Since 2017, all runners receive a glass with a personalized design representing the edition of the moment.

From disposable to durable!

Inside the big tent, participants will be able to have a drink while enjoying the entertainment on site! To eliminate single-use glasses, we have called upon the Ecocup company to provide us with reusable glasses during the event.

Less promotional items, more meetings!

For several editions now, the organization has eliminated the distribution of bags filled with samples and promotional flyers to runners. The partners and exhibitors are invited to come and meet the participants during the event by being present in the QMT market and thus contribute to the festive atmosphere!



Since 2016, the Quebec Mega Trail has undertaken the following actions to reduce waste generated by the event:

  • Elimination of glasses at the refreshment points. Runners must provide their own container.
  • Sorting of residual materials. Emphasis on recycling and composting.
  • Use of compostable dishes and utensils.




Runners’ meal

Prepared by a local caterer, the post-race meal will showcase the talents of local producers. Under the format of a festive BBQ, participants will be able to taste the products of Délices de Charlevoix | Baie-Saint-Paul, Al Dente | Baie-Saint-Paul, Végé Tata | Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Ferme Simard | Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, La Souche Microbrasserie | Québec

Feeding Zones

We focus on producing quality food, prepared locally. Therefore, all our food stations offer food prepared by our volunteers, using local products. Participants ask for them every year: banana bread, fudge, ginger cookies, veggie chili!

Post race beer

La Souche Microbrasserie is back this year! A cold beer will be served to runners upon their arrival.



Cooking according to the needs

The production and logistics team does an incredible job of detailing the food requirements for both the meals and the many food stations. The goal is to prepare and order enough food for the event, without any surplus.

Redistribution to Moisson Québec

For a second year in a row, we will give all surplus food from our food stations to Moisson Québec, who will then distribute it.

Compost that makes the animals happy!

A great agreement with the Ferme agrotouristique Cheval & Campagne (St-Ferréol-Les-Neiges) has been concluded to compost the uneaten food. Thank you to owners Lisa Linton and Patrice Drouin, two nature lovers, for helping us eliminate food waste!

Manger végé

Toute la nourriture servie au QMT est végétarienne. La viande, plus que tout autre aliment, coûte cher à la planète. À titre d’exemple, la production d’un seul kilogramme de boeuf génère 32,5 kg de CO2.


Trophies « Made in Côte-de-Beaupré

To mark our 10th anniversary, the trophies are souvenir pieces made by Brut Atelier, a young company located on the Côte-de-Beaupré. . 

QMT- 25 permanent signs and flagging

Runners and hikers can enjoy the 25 km Quebec Mega Trail from spring to fall.

To enhance every visitor experience, a permanent display arch will be installed at the foot of the mountain as the starting and finishing point of the trail. This Chibougamau wooden structure, built by the Brut Atelier team, will allow the addition of a trail map, important details of the trail as well as tourist information.



We encourage participants to travel by public transportation or carpool to the event site and the start of their race.  All running clubs who share transportation and request it get a 15% discount on their registration fee.

Bring your bottle!

Much like reusable bags when you go to the grocery store, runners and visitors should bring their own water bottle and coffee container.

A drinking water station is available on the event site in addition to 13 refreshment points for runners.

Sorting areas

Everyone is invited to take the time to sort their waste. The indications for that task are pretty universal, but here’s a little reminder:

Black bin = Waste

Blue bin = Recycling

Brown bin = Compostable goods