The only American partner trail running race with the mythical GRAND RAID DE LA RÉUNION

  • In the event that you are not drawn for the Grand Raid of the current year,  QMT 110 KM and the QMT 100 Mile finishers will be transferred to a priority wait list.  To claim your place on the Grand Raid priority list, complete this form before July 31, 2023: CLICK HERE  
  • Male and Female overall winners of QMT-100-MILES will be invited at Le Grand Raid de la Réunion (plane ticket, accomodation and registration free of charge)**.

*Finishers must have the minimum eligibility requirements requested by the Grand Raid depending on the chosen race.  CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE

**Conditions applys

First overall Canadians (man and women) will be invited at MIUT (plane ticket, accomodation and registration free of charge).*

*Conditions apply

For QMT 80 and QMT 110 finisher: 30% off SCT 81k and SCT 111k

To claim your Swiss Canyon Trail discount complete this form by April 30, 2022 : CLICK HERE



2023 details to come

2023 details to come

50 k finisher automatically obtain the qualification required to register at QMT 110 k and at the legendery QMT 100 MILE.