One of the Toughest Races in Canada. Start from the magnificent town of Baie-Saint-Paul. The first portion of the race goes along the St. Lawrence River to La Baie, Gabrielle Roy Est, Louise-Gasnier and Gabrielle Roy Ouest trails to Ligorie peak. Then, the route follows almost entirely the old Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix to Saint-Tite-des-Caps town. From this point, runners will cross the Dale Humide trail which witnesses of the Quebec’s logger era. Joining the canyon of the Sainte-Anne river, the infamous Mestachibo trail awaits participants as far as the majestic Jean-Larose waterfall. The colossus Mont-Sainte-Anne (MSA) will follow, which will have to be climbed almost twice. The last 40 kilometers take place at the north of the mountain on the edge of the mountainous Laurentians terrain until the return to the South base of MSA.

REUNION ISLAND GRAND RAID : all inclusive invitation for the winner of the QMT-100-MILES.

WESTERN STATES ENDURANCE RUN : the QMT-100-MILES is a qualifying race for all finisher.

ITRA POINTS : 6 (UTMB qualifier)


Distance: 160 km 

Positive gain : +6500 mètres

Negative loss : -6260 mètres

Number of aid stations : 13

Technical difficulty : 5/5

Mid Pack estimated time : 33:33:00

Men’s course record : 21:15:10 (Benoit Gaillard – 2021)

Women’s course record : 30:24:15 (Audrée Lafrenière – 2021)

Finisher ITRA points : 6

Max time allowed : 41:00:00





registration REQUIREMENT

The participant must have completed a Trail Running Race with a minimum of 85 points, according to the following* :

1 km = 1 point and 100 meters of elevation gain = 1 point, for example : 60 km with 2500m D + = 60+ 25 = 85 points.

*At the most 3 years prior to the current Quebec Mega Trail edition.

Note : QMT 50 Finishers are automatically qualify



The segments that will be authorized consist of the last 55 kilometers (Mont-Sainte-Anne sector). You can change pacer three times or have the same throughout the segment. You can choose to be paced from the MSA aid station or twice from the Auberge du Fondeur aid station. It is mandatory to register them. The registration have to be made during bib pickup. A special accredited pacer bib will be issued at a cost of $ 10 (cash only). The pacer’s bib must be wear visible at all times during the race. 

To find out the rules regarding pacer : VISIT THE REGULATIONS PAGE




A shuttle will will be offered from Mont-Sainte-Anne to the start of the race at Baie-Saint-Paul.



  • Capacity to haul a minimum of 1 liter of water
  • Energy supplements and food
  • Survival blanket 4 m x 2 m (4.6 ft. x 6.6 ft.)
  • waterproof jacket
  • Cap Hat or scarf to protect from the sun
  • Headlamp 
  • Headlamp battery spare
  • Cell phone
  • Self-adhesive compression bandage (3 inches X 48 inches)
  • EpiPen (for all runners with wasp or food allergies)






First five women and man will be awarded on the QMT podium



Each finisher will received a QMT-100-MILE buckle. 



Please consult the feed zone page for more details