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A edition bigger than ever!

Mont-Sainte-Anne, July 7, 2024 – Huge success for this 12th edition of the Québec Mega Trail which ends today!  The event achieved a record number of registrations with some 3,500 runners at the starting line for the various events, a record number of elite runners on site, numerous course records broken and a record number of volunteers involved, not to mention the immense performances from local runners. Jean-François Cauchon and Anne Champagne delivered exceptional record races on the QMT-100 MILES (160 km), unequivocally writing the history of the QMT. 

“Through the records shattered by our local champions, we have once again proven that Québec runners have dynamite in their stomachs!  Our courses are technical, and we are very happy to see that the international participants – more and more numerous – have also done very well on our trails, discovering what distinguishes our wild, typically Québec nature. Furthermore, I am still captivated by my team! Every edition, everyone outdoes themselves and 2024 sets the bar very high for other trail events in Canada!”Jean Fortier, general director and founder of Québec Mega Trail


Below are the runners who distinguished themselves in the different races held this Sunday.

QMT-25: 100% Québec podiums 

The QMT-25 gave rise to magnificent neck-to-neck races, for both men and women. Élisa Morin, who was crowned grand champion over the distance today, recounted her experience on the course. “It was a really good battle with Sarah Bergeron-Larouche! We held together throughout the race, she took a little lead until Fondeur […] then I just had to give all I had. I knew that there were still small climbs where I was stronger than her, and on the descents, she is very strong. I said to myself: I’m doing it, I’m working on my descent and I’m not thinking. It paid off! », mentioned the French athlete established in Québec since 2020.

The runner not only shone on the QMT-25, but she also accompanied the athlete Benoit Gaillard over around thirty kilometers on Saturday, thus supporting him in his second place in the QMT-110. A real warm-up for her! “It went well! In the end, it gave me a good idea of the trails for my race today,” she added. Among the men, there was also a great battle between the first two positions. It was ultimately Louis Moreau who went for victory, reaching the finish line some 30 seconds earlier than his rival Olivier Gagnon.


QMT-25 – Top – Men
1. Louis Moreau (Canada) – 02:03:01

  1. Olivier Gagnon (Canada) – 02:04:27
  2. Simon Boudreau (Canada) – 02:05:17
  3. Gabriel Descoteaux Simard (Canada) – 02:06:34
  4. Vincent Lacombe (Canada) – 02:06:54

QMT-25 – Top – Women

  1. Élisa Morin (Canada) – 02:11:30
  2. Sarah Bergeron-Larouche (Canada) – 02:13:25
  3. Catherine Cormier (Canada) -02:21:11
  4. Meggy Bourassa (Canada) – 02:27:26
  5. Camille Riopel (Canada) – 02:29 :27

    QMT-15 – Top – Men
    1. Jérémie Grondines (Canada) – 01:12:33
  6. Mathieu Bordeleau (Canada) – 01:13:50
  7. Claude Boivin (Canada) – 01:14:44
  8. Antoine Corbeil (Canada) – 01:17:07
  9. Emile Fortin (Canada) – 01:23:45

QMT-15 – Top – Women

  1. Amélie Blanchard (Canada) – 01:30:25
  2. Geneviève Baril (Canada) – 01:30:35
  3. Marie-Pier Plante (Canada) –  01:30:45
  4. Annabelle Viens (Canada) –  01:33:18
  5. Nathalie Gauthier (Canada) – 01:34:54

    QMT-6 – Top – Men
    1. François Claveau (Canada) – 30:21 *New course record*
  6. Malo Gallo (Canada) – 30:33
  7. Clovis St Pierre (Canada) – 32:46
  8. Theodore Plourde (Canada) – 33:26
  9. Victor Lacasse (Canada) – 33:27

QMT-6 – Top – Women

  1. Aurélie Claveau (Canada) – 32:55
  2. Katherine Sanderson (USA) – 37:23
    3. Abigail Sanderson (USA) – 37:23
    4. Etta McDonough (Canada) – 38:32
    5. Julie-Anne Taupier (Canada) – 38:59