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QMT sustainable

The Quebec Mega Trail team implements a series of eco-responsible actions each year, the main objective of which is to minimize the impact of the event on the environment and the territory while having a positive impact on the local and business community of Côte-de-Beaupré and Charlevoix.

4000 reusable glasses
70 kg of food saved
2200 single-use items eliminated
24 local businesses

Every little gesture counts!

All gestures Consume local Contribute Disposable Environmental protection No waste
No waste

Compost that makes animals happy!

Again this year, the compost collected during the event will go to the animals of the Ferme agrotouristique Cheval & Campagne located in St-Ferréol-Les-Neiges.

No waste

Redistribution to Moisson Québec

Despite the excellent work of the team, food surpluses may arrive and these are given directly to the organization Moisson Québec.

No waste

Cook as needed

The production and logistics team does an incredible job in the detailed development of food needs both for meals and for the many refueling stations. The goal is to prepare and order food in sufficient quantities for the event, without surplus.

No waste

Self-service fridge

In 2023, the team has chosen to abolish the distribution of lunch boxes to volunteers. Instead, they will be able to create their own meal from the items offered in the self-service fridge. This novelty will directly reduce food waste, ensure that the selected items will be consumed and raise awareness among volunteers.

Consume local

trophies made in Saint-Ferréol

At each edition, the talent of a new local artist is called upon to create an original, locally made trophy. This year, the trophies will be made by Philippe Arsenault of the company Artseno! www.artseno.com

Consume local

Post-race beer

Back in 2023! A beer from La Souche Microbrasserie will be offered to runners at the finish line.

Consume local

Aid Stations

We focus on producing quality food, prepared locally. Thus, all our aid stations offer food prepared in house by our volunteers, using local products. Participants ask for them every year: Banana bread, fudge, gingerbread cookie, veggie chili!

Consume local

Post-race meal

Prepared by a local caterer, the post-race meal showcases the talent of local producers and local knowledge.


Elimination of glasses in aid stations

At the 16 aid stations, runners are independent and must provide their own container to refuel with beverages.


Your water bottle, an essential

Young and old, runners or visitors, you are all invited to bring your reusable water bottle or thermos cup. Drinking water stations will be located on the event site. You will also find an offer of hot and cold beverages among the exhibiting partners.


Souvenir Glass

The memory of participation in a sporting event has long been associated with a medal. It was important for QMT to eliminate the production of this single-use souvenir. Since 2017, all runners have received a glass whose design is personalized and represents the edition of the moment.

Environmental protection

Gas compensation

Following the event, compensation for the GES emitted will be made to the organization Carbone Scol'ERE, which offers an educational program for students from the 4th to the 6th year of primary school so that they adopt new behaviors and eco-responsible lifestyles with their families.



To eliminate single-use glasses, we called on the company Ecocup, which will provide us with reusable glasses during the event!


Thrift shop

Sort out your sports clothes and accessories before the event in order to give them a second life. Bring your bags to the QMT thrift store which will be set up on site in collaboration with the local company La Fripée.

Environmental protection

Trail cleaning chore

At the start of each season, we help clean and maintain more than 200 km of trails. Among other things, we collaborate in the cleaning of the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix, the Mestachibo trail, as well as the maintenance of those of Mont-Sainte-Anne.

Environmental protection

“No Waste” Regulation

In 2008, when it was still common to see participants throwing their energy bars or gels on the trail during a race, we introduced our intention to put an end to this practice in the general regulations.


Sorting spaces

On the event site, sorting spaces are provided on the event site where the sorting of materials will be carried out as and when required. Be sure to leave your materials at one of these clearly marked areas.



Check with those around you and your supporters if you are able to carpool to get to the event. In addition to reducing GHG emissions, this action will allow better circulation within the perimeter of the event!