Official program 2023

The QMT team wants your stay with us to be as pleasant and convenient as possible. Download our 2023 official program presented by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques below to get all the detailed information about the event: free activities program, tips, attractions to discover and more!

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Limiting diet-related DNF in endurance runners

Lasting about 1 hour and led by Catherine Bélanger, sports nutritionist at PCN, the conference will discuss the different nutritional causes that can be linked to DNF by runners as well as ways to avoid them and limit their impact.



with DJ Mika

Be part of the ceremony surrounding the start of the classic QMT 100 MILES with the runners, live from the Hôtel Germain Charlevoix. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the facilities, have a drink at the Bercail restaurant-bar, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Musical entertainment will be provided by none other than DJ “Mika” (Quebec). An emotional moment that you absolutely do not want to miss. The departure of the athletes will take place around 8 p.m.! Be there!

The QMT-100 MILES is the main event of the race and the only linear 100 MILES in Quebec. A sporting event of international caliber whose reputation is second to none.

'' Running for women '' conference

Presented by PCN Physio

Because it’s not normal to always want to run, even if you’re over 45. Because running during and after pregnancy is possible. Sophy Desbiens, physiotherapist will address different beliefs, discuss hormones, change your perception on several subjects and above all give you concrete tools so that your pelvic floor is not a limit for your races!


Pop, folk and soul

In a pop, folk and soul mood, Cassandre has fun with old hits as well as the most recent ones, while focusing on songs that are a little more “B-side”. An energetic and authentic artist, her covers are as much.

Picky Pickers

Trad et blue grass night !

Picky Pickers is a Blue Grass/Old Time/Trad band composed of five well established musicians on the acoustic scene. The band covers traditional North American classics and will amaze you with their original compositions. The idea of the band came from Thuya, the band’s banjoist, who has been specializing in this style of music for a few years. Picky Pickers brings a modern touch to traditionnal music.

Obstacle course

Les P'tits Bûcherons

The team behind Le Nordais and the Défi des ancestors offers your little ones a fun and safe obstacle course experience.

Designed for ages 4-13, younger kids will gain confidence as they complete physical challenges like running, jumping, climbing and crawling. The older ones will also find what they are looking for in this set of varied and impressive obstacles. The timing option will also be available on site for children who wish to compare their time with other children their age. Even if the main objective of the race is fun, don’t think that what awaits them will be too easy! Your little stars will certainly gain courage, agility and mental strength.

Parents and friends are welcome to accompany and encourage the mini athletes in a family atmosphere. All children from 4 to 13 years old can participate, without any special preparation. So they don’t need to be brave or in great shape as these traits will develop after they participate. If your children like to move, have fun and play outside, “Les P’tits Bûcherons” will certainly please them.

Since 2020, 11,000 young people across the province have taken up the challenge. Show us what kind of wood you’re warming up!

Entertainment for the family

Inflatable game, face painting and more.

Many activities are in place on the arrival site to entertain our future athletes : Inflatable game, face painting and more.

Yoga sessions

With Élodie Déry

ON RESERVATION: You are invited to participate in a Yoga Vinyasa session, accessible to all, by the pool of the Delta Mont-Sainte-Anne Hotel. “When I teach yoga, I like to connect with people. I want them to live a benevolent experience, to make them laugh, to allow them to find their child’s heart. It is important that everyone feels good about their practice. This is why I offer a vinyasa yoga accessible to all, taking care to incorporate some challenges for the regulars. I invite participants forget the rest of their day and together we create a rewarding moment for both the physical and the mental. I look forward to guide you and learn from you!”


DJ set

With DJ Buffalo, Kayliox, Adien Tosti, Jimmy Adams, Bruno M et Fred M

Our “dream team” of disc jockeys is made up of six turntable champions from Quebec City DJ Buffalo, Kayliox, Adien Tosti, Jimmy Adams, Bruno M and Fred M. Accustomed to livening up the dance floors at the craziest parties town, these guys have the official mandate to entertain you all weekend at Mont-Sainte-Anne and will create the perfect summer atmosphere for all visitors!!

Live Podcast with Tout.trail

In collaboration with Icebreaker

Attend the recording of a live podcast with our friends Marc-André Paillé & Marie-Eve Pelland from TOUT.TRAI! Well settled in the Icebreaker tent, they have an amazing program for you: Meeting with athletes and community personalities, race update, juicy details and more!

Booths and vendors

Discover our partners

At our Mont-Saint-Anne arrival site, you will find many food options, excellent beers from La Souche microbrewery and other refreshments at the QMT tent, as well as a dozen booths : Salomon, XACT Nutrition, Clinique PCN, Ice breaker, Faux mouvement, Numia juice, La Cordée, Coros, Planète nutrition, Fromagerie Bergeron, Multi-Clinique Parc Santé, Karibu, Diagonale inclusive, Brix et plus encore.

QMT thrift store

In collaboration with La Fripée

Sort out your sports clothes and accessories before the event in order to give them a second life. Bring your bags to the QMT thrift store which will be set up on site in collaboration with our local partner La Fripée. All profits from this activity will be distributed in community projects related to social and sustainable development.