QMT 50

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QMT 50 - Masterful

Discover this epic race course. QMT 50 is the biggest ultra trail in Canada with over 500 participants. Start from Mont-Sainte-Anne Cross Country Ski Center towards the splendid but brutal Mestachibo trail. Complete two ascents and two descents of Mont-Sainte-Anne, finish with a loop in the northern trails of MSA.

Venue and start time MSA cross country ski center - 07:30:00 - July 1st 2023
Distance 50 KM
Total elevation gain +2300 m
Total elevation loss -2300 m
Aid stations 5
Men's course record 05:01:49 (Jean-Philippe Thibodeau, CAN – 2022)
Women's course record 05:40:42 (Katherine Short, CAN – 2022)
Technical level 4/5
Average time 08:30:00
Cut off time 12:00:00

Further information

Course Map

Elevation Profil

Aid stations time table

Mandatory Gear

See the RULES PAGE for penalties that apply for missing items during a random check.

  • The ability to carry at least 1 liter of water;
  • Energy supplements and food;
  • Survival blanket 1.4 m x 2 m (4.6 ft. x 6.6 ft.);
  • Cap or scarf for sun protection;
  • Self-adhesive compression bandage (3 inches X 48 inches);
  • Epipen (for runners with allergies to wasp stings or food).

Hiking poles

Point 13A of the general rules

It is forbidden for participants of QMT 50 to use poles in the Mestachibo section (km 0 to km 17,5). Therefore it is also forbiden to have poles in your hands while running in this section. You will be able to use them from the MSA aid station.

Support crew

A supporter is defined as any person who provides material, medical or food support to a runner.

  • Support teams may only assist a runner at the following aid stations :
    1. MSA
    2. Summit 1 & 2
    3. Auberge du Fondeur
  • Team tents are accepted only at the Auberge du Fondeur.
  • Supporters must wait for the organization members to take note of the passage to the feed zone before assisting their runners and after the medical evaluation (if applicable).
  • Supporters must comply with the aid station’s staff instructions, in particular to clear the runners control area.
  • Supporters must remain within 200 meters of the aid station to assist their runners;
  • No supporters are allowed at the following aid station:
    • Saint-Hilaire
  • No pets or unleashed dogs will be allowed at the runners’ checkpoints, at the finish line or along the course;
  • Smoking is not allowed at the checkpoints or along the trail;
  • Throwing garbage on the ground at the checkpoints, along the trail or at the finish line is strictly prohibited.


Cost: Free and exclusive for runners

Mode of transport: Yellow and black school bus

Itinerary: From finish(Mont-Sainte-Anne) to start(MSA crosscountry ski center, Saint-Julien road).

Duration: About 10 minutes

When: Saturday morning

  • Boarding at 06:00 am
  • Departure at 06:30 am sharp

Where: Mont-Sainte-Anne main parking lot

Starting wave

Wave 1: Race time between 5:00 and 6:30

Wave 2: Race time between 6:31 and 8:30

Wave 3: Race time between 8:31 and 12:00

  • The starting wave assigned to you is the one you chose when you registered.
  • It will be identified on your bib with a color code.
  • Note that it is not possible to modify it.
  • Upon departure, each wave will be asked to enter in the starting box.
  • Runners will be controlled by the marshals and the race director.

To know the departure time of each wave, consult the schedule page.


First Aid

The goal of  QMT medical team is to always improve, to be aware of your needs, and to prevent rather than intervene. Rest assured that we will do whatever is necessary to help you in case of need. Patience will be required, and our staff may ask you to cover your face with a two-ply medical mask. They may also take the time to cover themselves and put on the necessary protective gear. Please be aware that throughout the race, the Doctor and Medical Director will be assessing the health of the runners. If necessary, they have the authority to remove a runner from the race. You will be able to identify the members of the medical team by a this orange cap below. They will also wear orange reflective suspenders.

Emergency Number

You can reach a member of our medical team at any time by calling the number on the front of your
bib : to come.

Course Safety Closers

People will be in charge of closing each one of the races. If necessary, you can wait for them. However, it is not recommended to go to them. Instead, ask a runner to assist you while you wait for help.


Physiotherapists will be present at some of the aid stations and on the course. They can provide first aid and assist with minor musculoskeletal


Podiatrists will be present at the MSA Aid station, for those who wish to have their foot injuries treated.

Road Safety

When using a paved road or a road with traffic, you must respect the traffic safety code. For example, when crossing a road, you must stop to yield ifnecessary. Wear and turn on your headlamp when
it’s dark or night.


We strongly suggest that you download the ONDAGO application to your cell phone. ONDAGO is available for Android and IOS. Under the «sporting events» tab you will find the Quebec Mega Trail map. Once downloaded, you will be able to find your way anytime on the course. We advise that you put your phone in «airplane» mode to save your battery. This application is used by the security team and greatly facilitates an evacuation when a participant can tell us about his position on Ondago.

Race marking

Direction: White reflective arrow on orange background

Incorrect direction: Black X on an orange reflective background

Ribbon: orange with black QMT logo

Flags: orange

Do not cross: tape on the ground



The top five male and top five female finishers will be recognized at the podium ceremony.


All finishers will receive a QMT collection glass.