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2024 pictures

(Please note that our new photos will be available the week following the event. Thank you for your patience! We can't wait too!) Our photographers have again given everything to immortalize your race on the trails, as well as your arrivals. You can choose between albums per day and those of our different photographers! Of course, your photo may not be there, with more than 3300 runners scattered all over the forest it's hard to get absolutely everyone. Pictures are posted a few days after the race and you can download the ones you want for a small fee, which will be used to reward the good work of our photographers!

Photos of the runners (Geosnapshots) Photographers albums
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Sentier des Caps
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Pont Rivière-Sainte-Anne
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Baie-Saint-Paul (2)
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Mont Gabrielle Roy
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Mont Sainte-Anne (2)
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Chute Jean Larose
  • Québec Mega Trail - Édition 2022 - Saint-Tite-des-Caps

You were more than 2500 runners to brave nature during this legendary edition ! To relive these moments, enjoy this masterpiece by Loup-William Théberge and his team.


Testimonials - The legendary QMT 100 mile

Discover the legendary QMT-100 Mile, a grueling but oh so rewarding event through the eyes of Quebec Mega Trail finishers. They were kind enough to share some fragments of their experience with us.

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Video recaps

Each edition, our team of videographers pull out all the stops by capturing the craziest images to make you relive the event with as much brilliance as if you were still there.

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