1– During mandatory gear check, each missing item will result in a 30 minute penalty to the final time;

2– More than two missing items of mandatory equipment will result in immediate disqualification;

3 – Race bib must be worn on the front and be visible at all times;

4 – Leaving trash on the course is forbidden, under penalty of disqualification;

5 – Runners must have mandatory equipment on themselves at all times;

6 – Runners must carry the minimum of water and food required for the event;

7 – Runners who wear headphones must be able to hear those running behind them in order to let them pass if requested;

8 – It is forbidden to run barefoot during the event;

9 – No help is allowed outside the designated feed zones under penalty of disqualification;

10 – A runner who loses his way, must turn around and resume the course where he got lost under penalty of disqualification;

11 – A runner who encounters an injured person must assist him/her until the organization manages the situation;

12 – Hiking poles are allowed but must not harm other runners;

13 – A runner who chooses to take poles with him/her, must keep them for the duration of the race. It is forbidden to start without poles and to pick them up during the race;

13A (Poles for QMT 50 event) – It is forbidden for participants of QMT 50 to use poles in the Mestachibo section (km 0 to km 20). You will be able to use them from the MSA refreshment station.

14 – Runners must respect the cut-off times and give up their race if they reach a refreshment station/feed zone after the cut-off time. Runners’ bib will be removed.

15 – A runner who abandons the race must inform a race official as soon as possible.

16 – Runners must respect the start time, meaning no one is allowed to start before or after the official start time of the race;

17 – Runners must be courteous to other users of the trail;

18 – The Race Director has the right to remove any runner from the course if deemed appropriate and/or necessary;

19 – The Race Director has the right to modify the course at any time, even during the race;

20 – The Race Director has the right to cancel or postpone the race for safety reasons or in case of force majeure;


Quebec Mega Trail (QMT) has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED). Any athlete who has been found to have violated any anti-doping rules or policies, whether enforced by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) or any other national sport federation, is not eligible to participate in the QMT. QMT reserves the right to conduct post-competition testing for all performance enhancing drugs on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Any athlete selected for drug testing who refuses to submit to testing may be disqualified and subject to a lifetime ban from participating in the QMT.