A collection of frequently asked questions from Quebec Mega Trail participants. The information displayed refers to the 2023 edition and is updated periodically.

Regulations and race

When will the Athlete Guide be published ?

The Athlete’s Guide no longer exists. We have designed the new website so that you can find all the information you need to run your race smoothly.

The most relevant pages to consult for your race:

If you have any other questions, after consulting our website, please write to us at info@ultratrailcanada.com.

Am I allowed to listen to music during the race?

Yes, but the runner wearing headphones must be able to hear the runners behind him in order to let them pass if requested.

What is your policy for support crew ?

Support teams must obtain an accreditation at the registration desk. This accreditation will allow you to enter the Mont-Ste-Anne site free of charge and to present yourself at the permitted feed stations. The captains of the refreshment stands can ask for the disqualification of a runner who has a non-accredited team.

Can the support crew go to all aid stations?

No. Only to those clearly identified with a pictogram in the time table of your race.

How can the support crew get to the Sommet aid station?

By purchasing a gondola ticket at the MSA customer service at the bottom of the station. The schedule is from 10am to 3:30pm. Outside these hours, the Sommet aid station is only accessible on foot.

Is there an age requirement to participate in your races?

Yes. It depends on the event. Here they are: QMT1 (2 years), QMT6 (12 years), QMT10 (14 years), QMT15 (16 years), QMT-21-25-50-80-110-100miles (18 years).

Will there be a mandatory equipment check-up?

There is no mandatory equipment inspection before you pick up your bib. However, you are obliged to have the mandatory equipment with you at all times. Race marshals will randomly check the equipment at different points along the course. Penalties will be applied in case of missing equipment.

Are poles allowed during the race?

Poles are allowed on our courses except in the Mestachibo section. If you decide to start the race with your poles, you have to finish with them. You cannot leave them in a drop bag (prohibited).

On what distances are pacers accepted?

QMT-100 MILES and QMT-110. They must register when picking up the participant’s bib. A $10 fee is applicable.

At what time is my race?

Consult the schedule of the event. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Make sure to check regularly!

How does it work for drop bags?

QMT-100 MILES/QMT-110/QMT-80 are provided by the organization. The other distances do not have access to the “drop bags”. It is mandatory to use these bags for fairness and handling reasons. All the information about drop-bags (format, places to drop them) can be found on your event page.

I'm looking for the GPS coordinates of your tracks. Do you have a KML or GPS file that I can download?

Unfortunately we do not share this data because our tracks pass through private lands and we want to preserve our rights with the owners. Thank you for your understanding.

I think there is an error in my race time. Can you verify ?

Please contact us at info@ultratrailcanada.com. We will do the necessary validations!


What should I do if I can no longer participate?

Consult our princing policy to see the options.

The race I would like to participate in is sold out. Is there a waiting list?

No. We don’t have a waiting list. On the other hand, it is possible to buy another participant’s bib until May 31 (maximum date for transfers). We therefore suggest people to post in our FB event or on our newspaper (”wall”) to publish their offer or search for a bib: https://www.facebook.com/events/309067671090484

I can't find my registration confirmation email. Can you send it back?

Contact us at info@ultratrailcanada.com and we will forward it to you!

What is the procedure for transferring a bib?

To transfer your bib to another person, you must do so from your Run Reg registration confirmation email. A $15 fee will apply. Please note that transfers are allowed until May 31th, 2023.

Is it possible to use another person's bib?

Yes. You can pick up another participant’s bib by presenting their ID when picking up.

Do you offer special rates for running clubs?

Yes. We give a 10% discount to running clubs (depending of the availability). You must make your request by email at info@ultratrailcanada.com once our ”early bird” rate is exhausted. Note that discounts are not retroactive.

How do I choose my starting wave for QMT-50 or QMT-25?

In the form, when you register.

Can I change my starting wave to QMT-50 or QMT-25 and if so how?

Once your registration is complete, it is no longer possible to change your starting wave.


I would like to volunteer my time, are there any assignments available?

Assignments still available are displayed on our official form. Once it is completed, we will contact you by email to confirm your assignment and give you the details. For more info : https://ultratrailcanada.com/en/experience/volunteers/

What are the benefits of my involvement?

These vary depending on the number of hours you volunteer. All of our volunteers receive discounts for our races, free meals, lodging, merch and much more! To see the complete list of benefits, click here : https://ultratrailcanada.com/en/experience/volunteers/

Am I entitled to accommodation as a volunteer?

Yes, we offer camping, shack or hostel accommodation to volunteers who need it.


What time should I catch my departure shuttle?

Your shuttle departure time is displayed on your race page.

What are the options if I don't take the departure shuttle?

You will then have to be autonomous for your transport. The shuttles take you to the starting point of your race. Note that the shuttle service does not offer a return to the start site after the race.

I support a runner. Can I take the departure shuttle with hime/her?

No, shuttles are only for runners.

Is there a place (on site) to leave my equipment?

No, we do not have a locker system. You can use drop bags for the 100 mile, 110k, 80k and 50k distances. Drop bags will be returned to the Delta MSA Convention center after your race.

Do you have any accommodations nearby to recommend ?

Here are our lodging partners: Hôtel le Delta Mont-Sainte-Anne, Hôtel et Spa Le Germain Charlevoix,  Chalets Montmorency and Camping Mont-Ste-Anne. For details, consult our ” Lodging ” page : https://ultratrailcanada.com/en/lodging/

Can I park in the Mont-Sainte-Anne parking lot with my vehicle (car, camper or RV)?

You are not allowed to sleep in your car or RV in the Mont-Sainte-Anne parking lot. You can reserve a spot a the Mont-Sainte-Anne official camping : https://mont-sainte-anne.com/en/mont-sainte-anne-campground-2/

Where should I park?

You can leave your car in the main Mont-Ste-Anne parking lot, free of charge, during your race. Note that you are not authorized to leave your car at these departure sites: Baie-Saint-Paul (100 MILES), Petite-Rivière-Saint-François (QMT-110 and QMT-80) and St-Julien (QMT -50).

Are there any restrooms on site?

We have toilets on the arrival site (Mont-Sainte-Anne), on the departure sites (Baie-St-Paul, Petite-Rivière-Saint-François and St-Julien). Note that there are toilets only at these aid stations: St-Tite-des-Caps, Sommet, Fondeur.

Will there be booths and vendors on site?

Yes, there will be several exhibiting partners on the Mont-Sainte-Anne site (food, beverages, beer, shops…). See the program page for all the information : https://ultratrailcanada.com/en/experience/programmation/

When will the event pictures be available?

The photos are uploaded a few days after the race. Please, be patient.


Are dogs allowed on the event site?

Yes. The dog must be kept on a leash and cannot access the aid stations zone or the arrivals corral.