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QMT 2024 : Which athletes will take the lead toward victory?

Only 8 days left before the final countdown at the starting line! The 3,500 runners registered in one of the 10 Québec Mega Trail events will take possession of the trails of Mont-Sainte-Anne and the Massif de Charlevoix starting Friday, July 5. These athletes, from 18 countries, will write the history of the QMT’s 12th edition in their own way: with thrilling performances through majestic but also complex courses.

I am so proud to see, again this year, that Québec runners have adopted QMT. For my team and I, this is an unprecedented success! We notice that the event attracts athletes from all over the world, raising the caliber of the different races. It’s the best of both worlds because we are going to witness high level battles, while offering the public an experience that is well-rooted in our local trail community!”

– Jean Fortier, general director and founder of Québec Mega Trail


QMT-100 MILES: an elite field stronger than ever 

Elevation gain: 6,500 meters

It is impossible to predict who will take home the honors of the QMT-100 MILES this year: there are more elite athletes than in previous years and their sports resume is undoubtedly impressive. Among them, we find Abel Carretero (Spain – ITRA 886) who finished fourth in the premier event of the Transgrancanaria earlier this year, Luis Fernandes (Portugal – ITRA 867), sixth in the 115 km of MIUT 2024, and Anthony Lee (United States – ITRA 829). Quebecers Elliot Cardin (ITRA 804), UTHC 125 km champion in 2022, Jean-François Cauchon (ITRA 804), second on the QMT-100 MILES in 2019, and Philippe Poulin (ITRA 705), third on this event last year, will also be ones to watch. 

Among the women, Claire Bannwarth (France – ITRA 721), nicknamed the “Duduracell rabbit”, will certainly be in a good position to climb to the top of the podium, having completed no less than 28 ultras in 2023. Alyssa Clark (United States – ITRA 699) and Quebecer Mylène Sansoucy (ITRA 678), who will take on the QMT-100 MILES for the very first time, could also surprise.

All these athletes will have to give everything since the two course record holders for men and women, the Nepalese Sangé Sherpa (ITRA 839) and the Newfoundlander Kelsey Hogan (ITRA 643), will both defend their title. “The Québec Mega Trail holds a special place in my heart: this event has helped me to grow as an athlete and I look forward to returning to the beautiful trails and supportive community this year. I am thrilled that QMT is attracting even more incredible athletes and getting well-deserved international recognition, all while staying true to its community-driven history and grassroots values. This is going to be a fun year!,” Kelsey Hogan says.


QMT-110: like a smell of revenge! 

Elevation gain: 4,580 meters

The 2024 edition will mark the comeback of French-born runner Benoit Gaillard (ITRA 735). The athlete won the very first version of the QMT-100 MILES in 2021 and will try to be crowned winner of the QMT-110 this year. Marvin Foucher (France – ITRA 743), however, hasn’t said his last word: the runner saw victory slip away from him after feeling unwell just four kilometers from the finish last year. Yannick Bernard (ITRA 745) and Charlevoix native David Savard-Gagnon (ITRA 720), both familiar with the region’s trails, will also show off their extensive knowledge of the terrain. 

In the women’s category, Maria Fátima Buchas (Portugal – ITRA 680) and Samantha Stimac (United States – ITRA 677) will be neck and neck.


QMT-80 : Québec in the spotlight

Elevation gain: 3,290 meters 

It is on the QMT-80 that we might find the greatest number of Québec athletes on the podium. Among the women, Mélanie Beetz (ITRA 595) and Geneviève Asselin-Demers (ITRA 710 – 3rd rank WTM), who won the QMT-110 in 2023, will engage in a great duel. Francis Malenfant (ITRA 729) and Samuel Audet (ITRA 726) will try to prove their great experience to Ryan Sullivan (United States – ITRA 781), who finished third at the 2023 JFK 50 miles.


QMT-50: rivals among our neighbours to the south
Elevation gain: 2,300 meters
Canadians Marcus Ribi (ITRA 803) and Victor Larocque (ITRA 739) will find formidable American opponents on their course at QMT-50. Eric LiPuma (United States – ITRA 885), seventh at the Black Canyons Ultra 100K in 2024, in Arizona, will give his competitors a hard time. In addition, David Kilgore (United States – ITRA 757), who had to abandon his race last year after having a nasty fall on his head, plans to finish his race this year and hopes to get on the podium.

Among the women, Amélie Simard (ITRA 672), rising star of trail running in Québec and winner of the QMT-50 last year, will be on hand to defend her title. Her rivals will be Robyn Mildren (United States), Alex Castonguay (ITRA 644) and Maïka Lamoureux (ITRA 661), who is back after a one-year break due to injury.


QMT-32: a big premiere this year 

Elevation gain: 1,450 meters 

Offered for the very first time this year, the QMT-32 will take runners on a course divided in two halves: a first challenging part, especially uphill and downhill during the first kilometers, then a beautiful ride north of Mont-Sainte-Anne. Martin Dagenais (ITRA – 798), who lives in Lac-Beauport, will be one to watch over this distance. The trail runner recently won the 50 km of the Trail La Clinique Du Coureur.


QMT-25 : more and more caliber

Elevation gain: 950 meters 

On the QMT-25, all eyes will be on the sportswoman Maude Mathys (Switzerland – ITRA 805), who is one of the giants, just a few points behind the greats Katie Schide and Courtney Dauwalter in the UTMB world rankings. The five-time European mountain running champion will compete against Élisa Morin (ITRA 721), Kerri Labrecque (ITRA 646), Noémie Saint-Laurent and Samuël Poher (ITRA 810). Poher, who finished second at the QMT-25 last year after a heated battle.


World Trail Majors: follow the ranking!

Québec Mega Trail is now part of the World Trail Majors, meaning that  the QMT-100 MILES will allow runners to score points in the international WTM rankings this weekend. Some athletes already on the board could rise even higher in the rankings. Among these :


Abel Carretero (Spain) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 4 / 2670 pts

Ferdinand Airault (France) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 6 / 2170 pts

Sangé Sherpa (Nepal) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 23 / 1379 pts
Luis Fernandes (Portugal) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 45 / 1220 pts
Anthony Lee (United States) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 131 / 940 pts

Claire Bannwarth (France) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 25 / 1310 pts
Kelsey Hogan (Canada) – QMT-100 MILES – WTM: Rank 72 – 1050 pts


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