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Québec Mega Trail joins World Trail Majors : A new international trail running association

Québec Mega Trail (QMT) is proud to announce today its association with the World Trail Majors, a brand new international trail running group. The circuit, which includes nine of the most iconic trail running events in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America aims to preserve the fundamental values of the sport and to provide an alternative to global racing with local knowledge and community at its heart.


“We have been collaborating with races around the world for several years. What has always attracted us on these trips is the unique way each organization does things and their strong commitment to local communities. Having the opportunity to join an international circuit that recognizes these values and that consolidates our sport as something unique is something that honors us. We are confident that runners around the world will join this initiative.” – Jean Fortier, general director and founder of Québec Mega Trail

“Québec Mega Trail is a mountain running event that stands out for its authenticity. With the desire to have North American representation within the World Trail Majors association, Québec Mega Trail revealed itself as a partner of choice for this new adventure.” – Fernando González, race director and founder of Transgrancanaria, participating race of the World Trail Majors

Participating races of the World Trail Majors

World Trail Majors is an open association, the first edition will be held in 2024 and will include the following events:

 World Trail Majors’s aims

The World Trail Majors is the result of discussions between race directors wishing to help orienting the development of trail running. The association aims to preserve the original spirit of trail and ultra-running, using their knowledge and experience acquired over decades. With diversity, respect and identity as its cardinal values, the World Trail Majors focuses on the difference and on the uniqueness of each of the races on its open circuit, and wants to enrich the sport while respecting the community and the environment of each of them.

Incredible opportunities for athletes

The World Trail Majors association also wishes to implement a trail running scoring system, prizes and travel passes in order to provide international athletes with travel and development opportunities throughout its circuit. More details will be revealed in the coming months.

A promising 12th edition for QMT

The next edition of Québec Mega Trail, which will take place from July 5 to 7, 2024, will welcome 3,300 runners taking part in ten events, between one and 160 kilometers. Among these, the 15 km, 25 km and 50 km events are already sold out. The 100 MILES and 110 km events will once again this year be qualifying races for the legendary Western States 100.