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Running in winter with Icebreaker merino

Hello QMT fans! As winter is a season that we love, for playing outside and keeping fit, and it is essential to dress well during your outings in cold weather, our team recommend Icebreaker merinos, which offers many advantages to consider.

Running in winter with Icebreaker merino

Base layers are worn next to skin and are designed to keep you comfortable in changing conditions and activity levels. It provides a layer of insulation while moving moisture away from the body so you can stay warm and dry. The right base layer can make all the difference to your winter runs.

The epitome of performance and comfort? Base layers made with merino wool. This natural performance fibre is incredibly lightweight, naturally resists odour, helps to regulate your body temperature and feels incredibly soft next to skin.


Discover Icebreaker items for your winter runes, made from 100% natural fibers for thermal warmth in cold to extremely cold conditions.

200 Zoneknit™ base layers – Available at La Cordée

Our 200 ZoneKnit™ base layers feature engineered body-mapping technology for warmth and ventilation where you need it most, for targeted performance and body temperature regulation during high-intensity outdoor activities. 

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Run socks – Available at La Cordée

Must-haves to go the distance.The right pair of socks can make all the difference to your run. Lightweight micro and mini socks designed to support the movement of a runner’s foot.

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Fibres naturels:

Merino wool forms the basis of Icebreaker clothing and today the company’s business reflects their commitment to natural fiber solutions. Good to know: 95% of their global fabric consumption is natural or plant fibers and only 5% of all fibers used come from petrochemical synthetic fibers. Icebreaker also uses plant-based fibers, such as organic cotton and linen and plant-based TENCEL Lyocell. Mixed with their heroic fiber, merino, they make beautiful, versatile and high-performance fabrics.

For Icebreaker, the key to the future of our planet is not only to preserve nature, but also to rebuild it. This is why the company works with its producers to conserve and rehabilitate our ecosystems.