QMT 110

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QMT 110 - Colossal

From the shores of the majestic St. Lawrence River to the two most visited mountains in the National Capital, QMT 110 is among the most challenging ultra-trail courses in Canada. It runs through the mythical Sentier des Caps and the untamed Mestachibo Trail towards the Jean-Larose Falls. It is also truly among the most wild and beautiful courses in Canada.

Venue of departure Petite-Rivière-Saint-François (quay)
Distance 110 KM
Total elevation gain +4580 m
Total elevation loss -4400 m
Aid stations 8
Men's course record 11:21:32 (Max Leboeuf, CAN, 2019)
Women's course record 13:08:39 (Anne Champagne, CAN, 2019)
Technical level 5/5
Average time 19:00:00
Cut off time 24:00:00
Qualifying race Under 22 hours
International Trail Running Association 4 points

Further information

Course Map

Elevation profil

Aid stations time table

Mandatory Gear

See the RULES PAGE for penalties that apply for missing items during a random check.

  • The ability to carry at least 1 liter of water;
  • Energy supplements and food;
  • Survival blanket 1.4 m x 2 m (4.6 ft. x 6.6 ft.);
  • Cap or scarf for sun protection;Headlamp;
  • Head lamp (From Saint-Tite-des-Caps aid station)
  • Spare headlamp battery;
  • Cell phone;
  • Self-adhesive compression bandage (3 inches X 48 inches);
  • Epipen (for runners with allergies to wasp stings or food).

Suggested gear : 

  1. Mosquito and tick repellent ;
  2. Solar cream ;
  3. Collapsible container (no glass in the aid stations).

support team

A supporter is defined as any person who provides material, medical or food support to a runner.

Support teams may only assist a runner at the following aid stations :

    1. Le Massif
    2. Saint-Tite des Caps
    3. Mont-Sainte-Anne
    4. Summit 1 & 2 (no car access)
    5. Auberge du Fondeur
Each member of the support team must wear their identification bracelet during the race. This can be obtained on request when picking up the bib.
  • Team tents are accepted only at the Auberge du Fondeur.
  • Supporters must wait for the organization members to take note of the passage to the feed zone before assisting their runners and after the medical evaluation (if applicable).
  • Supporters must comply with the aid station’s staff instructions, in particular to clear the runners control area.
  • Supporters must remain within 200 meters of the aid station to assist their runners;
  • No supporters are allowed at the following aid stations:
    • Cap du Salut
    • Cap Gribane
    • Mestachibo
  • No pets or unleashed dogs will be allowed at the runners’ checkpoints, at the finish line or along the course;
  • Smoking is not allowed at the checkpoints or along the trail;
  • Throwing garbage on the ground at the checkpoints, along the trail or at the finish line is strictly prohibited.


It is mandatory to officially register your pacer. In order to do so, the name of the pacer must be given at the time of the bibs pick-up at the registration desk. A special bib will be issued in the name of the pacer at a cost of $10 (cash only). This bib must be worn at all times. The pacer will wait for the runner in the transition zone where he/she will be able to offer care, material and food.

The segment that will be allowed is the last 29.5 km starting at MSA aid station.

  • It is strictly forbidden to physically assist the runner except in case of emergency;
  • The pacer must stay with the runner at all times except in case of emergency;
  • In case of a drop out by the runner, the pacer cannot continue the race;
  • Only one pacer is allowed and must remain the same throughout the segment;
  • The pacer can assist the runner at the aid stations, but cannot arrive before the runner in the station to start preparing;
  • The pacer can not carry equipment, food and liquid for his runner.

drop bags

At registration, you will be given two drop bags of 20 liters.  You must use these bags.

All drop bags (2) are to be collected at the start (Petite Rivière Saint-François) and will be available for you in the following
order :

#1 = Saint-Tite-des-Caps Aid Station
#2 = MSA Aid Station

• It is forbidden to attach or put your poles in the bag
• Identify your bag with your bib number and with the aid station number where you want it to appear.
• Drop bags will gradually return to the Convention Center (near the finish line) over the weekend.


Before arriving at the Saint-Tite-des-Caps Aid station (KM 57), you will cross a stream under a culvert.

You will cross the Jean-Larose creek twice 1 km before the finish.


Cost: Free and exclusive for runners

Mode of transport: Yellow and black school bus

Itinerary: From finish(Mont-Sainte-Anne) to start(Rue du Quai, Petite-Rivière-Saint-François).

Duration: About 45 minutes

When: Saturday morning

  • Boarding at 03:00
  • Departure at 03:30 exactly

Where: Mont-Sainte-Anne main parking lot


First Aid

The goal of  QMT medical team is to always improve, to be aware of your needs, and to prevent rather than intervene. Rest assured that we will do whatever is necessary to help you in case of need. Patience will be required, and our staff may ask you to cover your face with a two-ply medical mask. They may also take the time to cover themselves and put on the necessary protective gear. Please be aware that throughout the race, the Doctor and Medical Director will be assessing the health of the runners. If necessary, they have the authority to remove a runner from the race. You will be able to identify the members of the medical team by a this orange cap below. They will also wear orange reflective suspenders.

Emergency Number

You can reach a member of our medical team at any time by calling the number on the front of your
bib : to come.

Course Safety Closers

People will be in charge of closing each one of the races. If necessary, you can wait for them. However, it is not recommended to go to them. Instead, ask a runner to assist you while you wait for help.


Physiotherapists will be present at some of the aid stations and on the course. They can provide first aid and assist with minor musculoskeletal


Podiatrists will be present at the MSA Aid station, for those who wish to have their foot injuries treated.

Road Safety

When using a paved road or a road with traffic, you must respect the traffic safety code. For example, when crossing a road, you must stop to yield ifnecessary. Wear and turn on your headlamp when
it’s dark or night.


We strongly suggest that you download the ONDAGO application to your cell phone. ONDAGO is available for Android and IOS. Under the «sporting events» tab you will find the Quebec Mega Trail map. Once downloaded, you will be able to find your way anytime on the course. We advise that you put your phone in «airplane» mode to save your battery. This application is used by the security team and greatly facilitates an evacuation when a participant can tell us about his position on Ondago.

Race Marking

Direction: White reflective arrow on orange background

Incorrect direction: Black X on an orange reflective background

Ribbon: orange with black QMT logo

Flags: orange

Do not cross: tape on the ground



The top five male and top five female finishers will be recognized at the podium ceremony.


All finishers will receive a QMT collection glass.

Training plans