Region and tourist attractions

To obtain more information about the Quebec City region and its many attractions, please contact Mrs. Orély Guay, tourist reception officer, at We look forward introducing you to our magnificent territory!

Quebec City and its surroundings

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Quebec City is distinguished by its history, its human warmth and the pleasure of discovering it throughout the year. Each season brings its own set of activities and landscapes to explore. 

Here are a few must-see tours:



Côte de Beaupré


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Côte de Beaupré is a vacation region where you can discover exceptional heritage and natural attractions. In this magnificent region, between the river and the mountains, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities.




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Charlevoix is a natural and authentic tourist region. It is divided into six sectors, four of which are part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec:

Petite-Rivière-Saint-François :

Baie-Saint-Paul :

Saint-Urbain de Charlevoix : 

Saint-Aimée-des-Lacs : 

Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie (l’Acropole des Draveurs)